Back in 1999, Vincent Douglas had a vision, to combine a bi-stable steel snapband with a truly flexible pixelated display, to create a wrist

worn wearable platform


In 2005 the concept was granted a UK patent. In the years which followed, a valuable portfolio of Intellectual Property has been built up, protecting the concept with granted patents in the

USA, China and Europe


Early on, the only flexible display technology was segmental electro-luminescent. As well as being power-hungry, the drive circuitry was just too cumbersome. However, recent years have seen the advent of more flexible pixelated displays 


These include printed plastic techniques

OTFT and TFT backplanes

Frontplane advances include EPD, OLCD, OLED, AMOLED, SAMOLED and POLED


SnapWatch has engaged worldwide with many innovators across a spectrum of technologies. A huge knowledge-base has been accumulated and this can be deployed to help potential developers across the wearables sector. Prototypes have been produced which incorporate - time, music replay and message display.

Functionality which could extend into many other areas